Sunday, December 09, 2007

50 Ways to Rent Your Property Fast

If you want to rent out a place (or if you are looking for a place to live) I have compiled a list of about 50 websites where you can post an ad for your property. Some cost money - most are free.

First of all if you are considering renting to HUD Section 8 there are two great sites:

Also, the following sites don't list ads on their site, but will create nice looking ads for you and automatically post them to many of the sites listed below. The first two are free - the second has a small fee.

Also I want to mention that many people are having success with Facebook and MySpace for selling and renting their properties -- it's not just for kids anymore!

Here is the list of sites in no particular order:

Post comments on your success with these sites or if you have used others that have worked for you.