Thursday, December 28, 2006

Goals for 2007

It is time to make my high-level goals for the upcoming year. I will make detailed specific goals in a later post.

First I want to focus on some of my weaknesses and strategic goals:
* Networking
-- Add at least two new contacts each week (categories include: money people, contractor, realtor, insurance/appraiser, investor)
-- Build wholesale buyers list (get buyer criteria)
-- Focus more on networking at REIA meetings

* Marketing
-- Continue direct mail, website, and flyer campaigns
-- Focus on absentee landlords, evictions, vacant houses, junkers, some foreclosures

* Mentoring/Education
-- Absolutely must get a mentor this year regarding analyzing deals, making offers, completing the deal
-- Identify traits I desire in a mentor; approach several REIA members I would consider "mentor material" (what can I offer them?)
-- Attend at least one relevant bootcamp or multi-day training course
-- Books

Now for some money and property-related goals:

* Properties
-- Find at least one buy & hold property (and buy it and rent it out)
-- Wholesale at least 4 deals, or a minimum of $35K in fees; use this for buying rental property
-- Identify one good property to renovate and flip to retail or L/O buyer

What are your goals for 2007? You should write some down now. It is OK to change them later if you need to, but spending some time on this list today will help you focus in the next several months...

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