Thursday, April 29, 2004

Gurus I Have Known

The Guru tapes that I have listened to are as follows:
  • Carleton Sheets - No Money Down
    [I do not recommend this course; outdated material and too little detailed information for my taste]
  • Ron LeGrand's - Wholesale/Retail Boot Camp
    [I thought this had a lot of great info, especailly from the Wholesale aspect ]
  • Vena Jones-Cox - RE 101
    [I attended this in person - It was Excellent!]

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Getting Started

I first got interested in the idea of RE investment a year or two ago, but only started considering it seriously about a few months ago--say Jan '04. I have really been trying to spend some time learning before I leap...The big question to answer will be: Where do people who have a full-time job find the time to pursue REI? I work a day j-o-b, so this will be a big learning experience.

So far I have read about a dozen books (to be listed later); listened to dozens of hours of tapes from a few "gurus", attended one all weekend seminar, and joined two local REIA groups.

Today I signed up at a local realtor's website to get property listings mailed to me that meet my criteria: junkers, really bad-shape, ugly houses! My goal here is to wholesale these to other investors. We'll see how it goes.