Friday, February 16, 2007

Wholesaling "Guru" Courses

I recently purchased the new Wholesaling course by Steve Cook for $197. After I receive it I will review it for you all here.

Also, I got a copy of Wholesaling 101 by Vena Jones-Cox as well since I will mostly be focusing on this strategy this year (with hopefully one rehab and one long-term purchase). Vena always has quality stuff so I considered the risk minimal.

I was happy with the product in that it addressed most of the information and questions I had on the topic. I was surprised to realize that I knew 90% of the information -- which just tells me that I have been ready for action and 'procrastinating' by learning too much instead of doing. I really liked the real-life deals she used as examples, the forms, and mostly the phone script excerpts on what to say to certain seller questions...mostly because those are the things that happen to me! I photocopied those few pages and keep it by the phone.

If I had to add one thing more I would have liked to see would be more on how to work with Realtors. Many of the Realtors I have talked to, obvisouly don't want you to re-sell their deals (via assignment); double-cosing is just too expensive in NJ (due to transfer tax) even if you could find someone to do it... I assume that using an LLC or trust here would help avoid the issue, but it would be nice to hear how she does it.

Overall rating: Very Good - Recommend.

[Now I just need to get my butt out there!!]

Friday, February 09, 2007

Activities this week

Here is what I did so far this week:

1) Changed my outgoing message for my toll-free number; it was too cheesy sounding
2) Sent postcards to 9 ugly houses I want to buy
3) Fixed some problems with the form on my website since many callers said they submitted a form but I didn't receive it.
4) Identified all the non-owner occupied properties in the condo complex where I own a property (I used the online tax records and a computer script that I wrote.)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Vacation Property Rental Software

Rental Network Software
is a Windows-based program for those of you who are big time into vacation rentals and can't manage it via a spreadsheet and napkin anymore. I found it interesting, and ther eis an online free demo.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Design Your Room on the Web

MyDesignIn site is billed as: "A social planning and design site that simplifies any remodeling project."

The thing I like about it is you can put your actual floorplan in, and then drag and drop items you find online like furniture, appliances, rugs, and then you can see how they will look in your room.