Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A/C Stupidity

Here is a lesson in how not to keep down costs...
The tenants were saying that they had trouble with the A/C. It was blowing but not cold. Now I know it worked great last September and hadnt been used since...
So I went there to check it out. The compressor never came on when I turned on the thermostat to 'cool'. So I checked the circuit breaker - it was OK. I checked the thermostat wiring with ohmeter - it was OK.

So I called an HVAC contractor to look at it. He found the problem...there was another fuse breaker just outside the AC compressor. By pulling it out and flipping it around, the circuit was completed and the unit went on now problem.
Total Cost: $89 Total Time: 1.2 minutes.

Here's the stupid part: I think it may have been ME that flipped it around in the fall to prevent it from coming on...I really should write these things down :-)