Friday, June 18, 2004

OK. I am a took me all this time (since January) to finally decide to do something with all this 'stuff' I've learned. Let's see what happens.

Here's what I've done since my last entry:

* Got a toll free number ($5/month)
* Ordered business cards (2 kinds: "I Buy Houses", and "Stop Foreclosure")
* Went to Donna Bauer [The NoteBuyer] All Day Seminar
* Setup an autoresponder with a Free report to Stop Foreclosure
* Created a "We Buy Houses" Flyer
* Printed a Wholesale Forms Kit
* Sent some direct mail offers to 3 houses I saw that needed work.
* Created an "I Buy Houses" Newspaper Ad

I finally placed my Ad today! It starts next Thursday. It costs $91 for 4 weeks (weekly papers) in three local papers. There is one other ad in the same section that says about the same thing. Let's see what happens with that. I'll bet the guy calls me! I called his number - I like his message better...I'll have to fix mine.

I invited someone to attend the next REIA meeting. If he joins I get $25 in REIA bucks.
Keep your fingers crossed!