Tuesday, September 07, 2004

No Messages

So I have an 888 number with a detailed recording about the condo where tenant prospects can leave a message. I ran a $120 ad over the 5-day weekend (labor day) and got just three calls, of which no one left a message. I checked the paper, and the ad went in correctly. I lookes at the other rentals in the same complex or general area and my rent was right where it should be I felt... There were quite a few that were higher, and only a few that were lower, but did not have the same amenities. I think it is better to get someone in, and do marginal rent increases each year. Most landlords I noticed never raise their rents. There are people living in these condos for 8 years and are still paying $695!

Anyway - I'm a little nervous about not getting any messages. After thinking about it though, it may be that the first week of the month no one is really looking for a new place. I think most people wait until the 2nd half (last minute) of the month. I may try again after my trip and see what happens.

I am also going to hand out mini-flyers to local businesses and see if they will let me hang them up. There is an open house on the 19th.

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