Friday, August 06, 2004

Inspections - A great education - Always a surprise!

INSPECTIONS! You gotta have one when you're buying a piece of property. I have yet to go to an inspection without getting some sort of surprise along the way. In the case of the condo, there were a couple of minor things that were found: a GFCI outlet that didn't work, an attic fan that was seized, a bathroom fan that didnt work, etc. Nothing that would stop me from buying it. Then the inspector asked if I was getting a termite report. I said 'No', since the HOA is responsible for taking care of pests. He told me that I might want to and showed me spackled over lines or tubes in the sheetrock of the living room where previous termite activity created them. Termites! So, I got the inspection (another $79) and he found evidence of treatment but wrote it up anyway so I can present it to the HOA.

Overall though - not a bad inspection...assuming the termites are really dead.

I'll tell you though - this guy was very good (Eastern Home Inspections). He had all the right equipment, put everything into his laptop, took digital photos, and printed a laser copy right out the back of his truck. It was a great education following him around...I learned about all kinds of multi-family housing codes, and the investigative techniques they use to find hidden problems. It was worth the 90 minutes of time it took to go through the place.

Anyway - a lady left me a message on my 800 number from an I BUY HOUSES busines card. I need to go call her back.


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