Saturday, September 04, 2004

Paint is Done - Carpet is Expensive

The paint was done by an older couple who did the entire condo in a few hours. It looks much better. I used Sherwin-Williams Pearly White. I also cleaned and did a bunch of other stuff to make it look presentable. There is still a funky odor upstairs in the carpet. The carpet guy comes at 4pm.

The kitchen light is wired into a square outlet box, so I'm not sure I can use that to install a ceiling fan -- don't want to hire an electrician at this point. It seems very sturdy, but may not be a big enough box.

Carpet guy shows up at 4pm (this is supposed to be the cheapest place in town) and it turns out that I can't afford to do the downstairs - I'll just have to do the upstairs for now. I will need to make a note to find a cheaper place for next time.

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