Thursday, August 12, 2004

Another Way to Screen Tenants

Here's a free one that can occasionlly reap some interesting information.

Check applicant's name on Google to see what you can find out. I have occasionally seen references to law suits, arrests, and other pertinent info...of course, if they have a common name then you need to make sure it is really the same person.

Also Google now offers a local version of it's search engine at:
So if you search for say pizza, you get hits from pizza places near you versus the whole world.
Try the name, address, and employer searches here to get more info online.


Blogger Nazmus Sakib said...

Its Great Topics ABout Screening
Here is the language she used:"Tenant shall pay to Landlord a pet deposit of five hundred dollars,
zero dollars of which shall be non-refundable"
Credit checks
Landlord credit checks
Landlord background checks

9:25 PM  

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