Friday, October 29, 2004

Why Doesn't Everyone Do It Then?

Sitting around the lunch table yesterday with about 10 co-workers, we got on a discussion with one of the guys who recently invested in an apartment building with his brother-in-law. This building was in Florida and he closed just before the first of the hurricanes hit. Well...the first one took the roof off. He was discussing his recontruction woes and eventually all of the other guys at the table (who are not investors) agreed that purchasing an investment property is still a good idea. In fact, one of them said "Everyone I know who has money, got it from investing in Real Estate."

So I asked him if he had any property (No), and if everyone he realizes it is such a good idea then why not (it's risky; cost money). Yet he had a good sum of dough in the stock market. I think that's more risky in mot cases.

It's intereting how as we go through life we learn certain "truths" or ideas, yet fail to act on them due to one or more reasons (laziness, lack of initiative, security and comfort, etc.) Another favorite saying of mine is: 'You keep on getting what you've benn getting, as long as you keep on doing what you've been doing.'

So here is a new saying, by me:
"If you already believe it - Then you should be doing it!"

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