Sunday, April 09, 2006

10 Commandments for Handling Service Repairs

Here are 10 commandments for handling a service repair for your units (i.e., you are going to fix something yourself) from "Down to Earth Landlording":
  1. Do not enter unit without permission from tenant or without proper notice
  2. Knock and wait for an answer, if no answer, enter and call the person's name.
  3. Complete only the work that is on the work order
  4. Do repairs with a partner if possible; especially if tenant is home and of opposite sex
  5. Do not make comments on other repairman's work, or tenants housekeepping (in)abilities
  6. Get permission first if personal items need to be moved
  7. Do not enter rooms that are not part of the maintenance request
  8. Do not touch or operate a tenant's belongings
  9. Do not make comments with sexual overtones; if tenant makes sexual advaances, leave and don't go back alone.
  10. Do not enter property with children present unless there is an adult at home

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