Saturday, April 08, 2006

Legal Reasons to Refuse Tenant

Want some reasons to NOT accept someone in your unit that will stand up in court? Here are some:
  • bad credit/no credit
  • unemployed or unstable employment history
  • cannot verify income
  • cannot provide two forms of ID (one with photo)
  • fails to sign rental application
  • failure to complete rental application
  • provides false information on application
  • has a pet
  • does not meet your (written) guidelines for minimum income
  • has active judgements/liens filed again st them
  • has evictions filed against them
  • convicted of felony crime
  • owns a vehicle that is not allowed on property
  • owns too many vehicles
  • has history of disturbing others
  • has history of damaging property
  • has a disease that is contagious via casual contact (e.g. TB)
  • filed for bankruptcy
  • did not give notice to current landlord
  • more people in family than allowed by ordinance for the unit size
  • cannot pay first month rent and security deposit in full
  • application fee of deposit check bounces
  • is a minor with no co-signor
  • too much debt (compared to income)

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