Friday, September 01, 2006

Marketing Ideas

Here are some thoughts on marketing your properties by Frank McKinney from his "Maverick Real Estate" book:

* Brochures
- Create informative brochure with color photos
- Put in grocery stores, laundramats, and in rental communities
- Use in Direct Mail campaigns as well

* Signs
- Get custom signs (metal) made with phone and web info
- Put an info box with brochures on the sign.

* Web site
- Have many photos and if possible a virtual tour

* Newspaper Ads
- Make your ad standout; don't use the same old copy as everyone else

* Open Houses
- Attend open houses similar to yours to learn what sells
- Hold open houses every weekend if possible until the house sells
- Hold a Brokers-Only open house (usually a weekday)
- Make your hours earlier and/or later than others
- Use 'guiding signs' to get people to the open house
- Dress nicely
- Appeal to all 5 senses (sound, smell, sight, touch, taste)
- Sell buyers on the neighborhood

* Use a Realtor

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