Saturday, May 27, 2006

Getting Your Direct Mail Opened

Here are some tips I got from Kathy Kennebrook's class:
Using direct mail requires that you get three difficult things to occur:
1) Get the person to OPEN the letter
2) Get the person to READ the letter
3) Get the person to CALL and/or take action
Here are some tips to get prospects to open your letters, versus toss them as junk mail. The general idea is to make it look like a personal letter.
  • Use white #10 envelopes
  • Hand address (no labels, no windows!) in neat, legible writing
  • Use return address, but NO name (gets their curiosity)
  • Please spell their name and address correctly!
  • Use first class stamps (no bulk mail)
  • Optional: If you can stick in something slightly bulky, that typically gets them to open it. An example is a flat pen.
Getting the person to read and take action pertains more to the message conveyed in the letter. However, if you can't get the first thing to happen (opening it) then the message doesn't matter.
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