Friday, June 20, 2008

ULTIMATE Online Resource Guide to Real Estate Investing

I have added my latest resource for investors at all levels. Click on the Paypal widget in the left column if you are interested.

Now is the best time in decades to invest in real estate --There are always several emerging markets in the USA at any given time - yes even right now!

This guide contains over 250 active links of the absolute best real estate investing resources to be found online. Most of them are free.

This is not some Google search and create a lame list
These are all links that I have painstakingly bookmarked over the past 18 months of investing in real estate.

I use these sites each month! I purchase property in several markets throughout the USA and have used these sites and services to invest remotely and locally.

Here is a peek at some of the stuff included in this resource:

# Over 50 links to locate the best deal for pennies on the dollar
# Bank-owned and Foreclosure listings for all areas of the USA
# Government auctions for homes (multiple agencies)
# Find the best financing for any investment property
# Find all lenders and their financing criteria; access the same information that mortgage brokers have (They're gonna be mad at me!)
# Where to find loans specifically for renovating and flipping houses -- even if your credit is bad
# How to find private money and hard money to do as many deals as you want
# Coroporate credit and loans - keep your real estate loans off your personal credit report
# Title and Appraisal companies on the internet
# Get the real value of any investment home via the internet
# Access to MLS systems from various places around the country
# Direct Mailing services - outsource your whole marketing operation to find motivated sellers
# Where to find the best local contractors
# Price any renovation job online using detailed calculators and reference guides
# Get quotes for all rehab work - get the best price
# Look up municipal codes for any area
# Find a great home inspector that provides detailed electronic reports and photos
# Wholesale suppliers for building materials, appliances, cabinets, and furnishings, etc.
# Reference data and intelligence reports on finding the next emerging markets to invest
# Where to find the best brokers/agents
# Crime statistics for all cities and neighborhoods in the USA
# The best landlord information and reference sites
# Online property management software for free
# Online lease and management forms
# Find out how to determine what a property will rent for in any area
# Screening services and credit check services
# Where to find the best property managers anywhere in the country
# Services to collect rent, both current, and past due
# The best sites to sell your property
# How to sell (exchange) your property without paying any taxes
# Build free virtual tours of your houses
# Create professional marketing materials and automatically distribute them online for free
# Over 40 of the best general education and reference sites for real estate investors

All of this for just $9.99! - This would take you months of research to get all this!

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