Saturday, March 10, 2007

10 Ways to Build a Buyer's List

Here is how I am going about building my buyer's list for wholesaling. My goal is to get to 100.

First the obvious stuff:
1) Word of Mouth - my mouth, that is, I tell people about the property and ask if they know anyone interested in wholelsale property and give them my card
2) Property Brochure - leave brochures at the property in question just like a retail listing

Now do networking and calling:
3) If you already have a small buyer's list - ask current buyers for referrals of other buyers if they aren't interested - pay them a fee if deal closes
4) Ask Realtors if they have any cash buyers for discount properties
5) Use local REIA group both online forum and at meeting networking
6) Call every We Buy Houses sign you can find
7) Call every We Buy Houses ad in the local papers

Now do online/internet stuff:
8) Put an ad on craigslist looking for cash buyers
9) Put an ad in the local paper (also goes to online classifieds)
10) Also, check out

So far my list is 22.

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