Friday, March 17, 2006

Common Landlord Repairs

If you don't do your maintenance right away on your units, you will pay even more later. Here are some hints and tips for saving time and money on repairing rented units:

  • Standardize materials to the extent possible
  • Get a service contract on the furnace; I did this with NJ Gas and for only $77 a year I  have peace-of-mind that the tenant has someone to call 24x7 if there is a heating problem
  • Unclog a slow drain: 1/2 cup baking soda; 1/2 cup of vinegar; wait a few minutes, then pour boiling water slowly.
  • Replace shower heads with lo-flow
  • Have A/C cleaned prior to season
  • Always replace glass with plexi or safety glass (liability reasons)

Here are things you probably should NOT do, since they are overkill:

  • Installing new kitchen cabinets when the olds ones are still functional (replace knobs, or paint instead)
  • Ripping up carpet that is only slightly worn (just clean it)
  • Using too high of grade of carpet or padding (medium grade)
  • Using paneling when sheetrock will do
  • Painting using multiple colors
  • Removing wallpaper instead of painting over it
  • Using soft vinyl floor when tile is longer lasting.

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